Chairman's Chat - Cardigan Photo Club

Chairman's Chat

04 Feb 2016

Last meeting we discussed getting our team act together for the upcoming set of competitions. The first of those is the 4-Way Inter-Club on Mar 03. Impact is that we need to get sorted asap. We will need to sort out an entry shortlist on Monday, & agree the action plan to achieve our best from that list. I suspect the action starts on Monday ...

We agreed we wanted to see DPI's ahead of prints, so we could agree the shortlist candidates, & recommend any potential improvements prior to printing. That minimises the number of prints to be produced, & shares experience. Hopefully, we can use email to keep the process runnning, even if we're short of folk on Monday.

Tommy makes his recommendations below to get us started. We need to submit 10 prints, & we would very much like to stick with our 4-Way habits & encourage as many members as possible to be represented, with team help to optimise image quality. If you have a good image as a DPI, but no print facility, we'll find a way around that.

Please send your DPI's by Monday, even if you can't make the evening.

We do have a mini-comp scheduled, on Winter Views. If we are short of members and/or entries, I'd suggest we delay that & concentrate on a work-in to make progress with the 4-Way, unless members have created super images they do wish to enter in Winter Views.

It really is about taking part, rather than winning... but it's fun to do our very best!



Tommy's Recommendations -

"The 4-way competition will be in New Quay on Thursday 3 Mar and involves 10 prints from each club. Judge is Harry Gardiner.

To strengthen our entry this year I propose that we ask members to bring their best 6 digital images for our next meeting on 8th. February. As part of this meeting we can look at each member's images and select the best 2 - giving advice on any improvement. The one or two prints from each member will be collected on the Feb 22nd for transfer to New Quay."

24 Jan 2016

Quickie re tomorrow evening. The web site lists our activity as a Mini-Comp with Open subject. Usual 3 image max, images to be discussed & critiqued after showing. Gives everyone the opportunity to enter exactly what they want, unfettered by any restrictions ..... Please send images to Bob today, but in this instance Bob may accept USB sticks on day, because ....

We want your pix. Not just the mini-comp, but anything else you would like to share; to educate us; to seek feedback; or just to show us what you like (or indeed, don't like), & why.

We saw some good images for discussion last meeting, but I'm sure members would agree that those shown by Anne Jones were special. Anne has only been into photography since last April, but she demonstrated the significance of that most important attribute - the ability to see a photograph & compose it. All else is secondary. You can be brilliant technically; have the best kit available; time to spare - but if you haven't got the eye, the rest won't help.

Anne told us she is not yet experienced in post-processing - that's great news, 'cos our club need to boost our average score by 1-2 points per image for DPI's & prints in competitions will be much easier when Anne's fully up to speed in a few weeks.......!

Patrick's entrepreurial ideas were a different take on photography, & it was interesting to hear his ideas for a mobile app that shares his subject matter experience; local knowledge; & photography. He also called for help to manage some of the technicalities of interlacing stills & video from differing sources into his productions, & a couple of members were able to suggest economical solutions after the meeting.

Tomorrow offers a chance to follow up on the AGM request for more discussion. All you have to do is be there, & bring something for us to talk about - images, hardware, your greatest photographic frustration that you wish to banish - the choice is yours. If all else fails, just turn up & do the talking about other people's stuff....

I'm sure the web site will get major inputs in the near future, as I assume that's why Patrick heads off next week into southern Europe for months, & Dyfed is going to India next week (seems a long way to go just to get entries for the forthcoming "Architecture" & "Decay" contests - Merthyr or Neath would have done). Hope they enjoy their winter breaks.

'best, Colin

23 June - The first Field Trip of the year was ..... interesting.

A goodly turn-out for the evening stroll to Carl Ingli, claimed by our Prog Sec to be a 15-20min walk. Intention was to sample the vibes very close to the solstice, & take appropriate photographs.

A variety of sequential learning points.

a. Beware of Prog Secs with the DNA of mountain goats. Some stroll. Some 15 minutes....

b. If you don't know the nature of the walk, don't carry a 21kg back pack, with 2 bodies & battery packs, 5 lenses, converters, macro gear etc. Guess who envied the more sensible members ....

c. There are a range of excellent pix to be had on the road, beyond the car park. Rather more than were at the summit !!

d. It's scary to see how fast some of our younger (non- pensioner!} members race up hills, & downright disrespectful that they should look so happy whilst others suffer...

e. Taking macros of tiny flowers not so easy when you are gasping for breath, but a great way to lay down & recover.

f. Tearing both soles off your trainers is not an aid to smooth descent on rocks & damp grass.

g. We are able to restore burnt-off fat with an excellent pint at the Golden Lion.

Truth be told, it was an enjoyable evening. The sky wasn't as clear or colourful as we had hoped, but the evening was mild &, importantly, still. Plenty of pix, but few that will be keepers. It will be a serious test to see how members have created masterpieces, & who saw something a bit different from the rest. Much social discourse, & some intense tutorial activity evident.

Verdict: Excellent turn-out; good vibes, sense of achievement. Carn Meini a more rewarding photographic venue, with easier access.